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Why Us
We have been working on the three aspects mentioned above.....
Have you ever been troubled by the following situations?

1:You have ordered a certain goods in batch, but you are occasionally in urgent need of several ones preferentially, for which the supplier refuses to coordinate with you and accelerate the production of the several ones, then what should you do?

2:The supplier repetitively takes excuses to postpone the delivery term he promises you?

3:The inspection report supplied by the supplier is out of compliance with actual products, or the inspection report is a fake one?

4: The supplier requests to raise the price after receiving your prepayment?

5:The supplier frequently fails to timely reply to your e-mails, or you always need to wait long for your inquiry reply?

6:The supplier is less experienced to point out defective products?

Our Advantages

1:There are several machining centers and CNC lathes running for a long time to produce samples and parts urgently needed by customers, thus shortening delivery time of small orders.

2:Rationally optimized scheme: our technicians have rich experience in terms of the assembly requirements and machining size of our products, and we will actively propose various optimization schemes to shorten machining time and cut materials cost.

3:We have professional finished product inspectors, who will ensure the quality of products without making any false report.

4:Our salesmen also have rich machining experience, thus enabling you to receive online reply rather than that following the inquiry of the salesmen. In a word, we can ensure timely reply to such information as inquiry and progress.

5:As to the control over our secondary suppliers, we possess more than 40 secondary suppliers with which we have established and maintained perennial cooperation relationship in such aspects as material, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment.

Hard CNC Turning

Our hard turning process enables us to machine parts with hardness less than 60 HRC after heat treatment, maximum turning diameter of 200mm, dimensional tolerance 0.01mm, roughness Ra0.4μm

Thermostatic CNC lathe parts

Due to the expansion and contraction of stainless steel and other materials, corresponding inspection results concluded by our customers may be inconsistent with those of ours, and thus we typically have our high-precision lathe parts produced and inspected under constant temperature (21°-23°), to be in line with the results of corresponding inspections by our customers.

Finishing Ability

ProcessTypeMaximum size mmHighest precision mm
Machining centerCNC1200*500*6000.01
0.005 图片2.png
Straightness:0.005 -
GrindingExcircle/inner bore
0.005 Lathe CNC
Straightness:0.005 -
Simple assembly

WeldingArgonarc welding/electrowelding