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How To Avoid A Knife Accident In CNC Machining?

Jun. 10, 2019 | 16:17:45

Because CNC machine tools are not directly controlled by people, but affected by the program, many technicians are inadvertently operating the machine tool, causing the program to enter the wrong, misediting, and correcting the error, resulting in the tool entering the wrong, often very It is prone to a knife accident. Then, CNC Lathe Parts Manufacturer for everyone, how to avoid this kind of knife accident.

In fact, the impact of the knife incident is traceable. After the actual inspection, the machining center is difficult to repair and costly, and the machining parts are mainly guaranteed by the precision of the machine tool. Once the equipment accident occurs, the machine tool accuracy will be seriously reduced. In fact, the method of avoiding is also very simple. Before simulating the machining, you should first confirm whether the machine is locked. Then, after the air run simulation, check whether it returns to the reference point because the coordinates do not match the actual position when the program is checked. At this time, the reference point return method must be used to ensure coordinate consistency. When running in the specified line, you must first call the coordinate system on the CNC machining center. For example, the machining center must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the length compensation value of the knife. Because the length compensation value of each knife is different, it may cause a collision if it is not called.

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In summary, mastering programming skills is the premise. It is necessary to use various methods to verify the program, run the settings correctly, and be careful, conscientious and focused on the operation, avoid unnecessary mistakes, and effectively avoid the occurrence of the knife. , better protect CNC machine tools.

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