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What Precision And Shape Products CanThe CNC Machining Center Process?

Mar. 07, 2019 | 11:03:16

What shape and accuracy of CNC machining can depend on the numerical control system itself, machine structure, mechanical properties and other indicators. The following CNC Machining Lathe Turned Parts Supplier will give you a brief introduction.

1. System: The system itself is linked from 2 axes, 3 axes to 5 axes. The more the number of linkage axes, the more complicated the things that can be processed, the 5-axis linkage

Machine tools can theoretically be processed in any shape.

2. Machine structure: In the case of system decision, the structure of the machine itself also determines what shape can be processed. For example, the system supports 5-axis linkage.

If the machine itself does not have as many axes, then the 5-axis function cannot be used.

3. Mechanical properties: In the case of system and machine tool structure determination, mechanical properties determine the machining accuracy. Higher precision can produce precision

A better product, in general, the accuracy of the product is at least one level below the accuracy of the machine.

Above, of course, CNC Machining has some auxiliary means to improve the overall performance of the machine tool, but it can only be auxiliary, the decisive is the above three points.

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