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Why Is Aluminum Alloy Processing Deformed?

Nov. 06, 2018 | 13:58:10

In today's society, aluminum alloy processing plays a very important role in industrial development. The reason why aluminum is alloyed is that after the pure aluminum is alloyed by adding some specific metal elements, the physical properties usually undergo specific changes, most of which are better, and have properties not possessed by other metals. For example, good corrosion resistance of aluminum-magnesium alloys and very good tensile strength and hardness of aluminum-copper alloys.

Although aluminum alloys have many advantages and benefits, there is always a huge problem in application, that is, when we use aluminum alloy as a raw material for manufacturing some mechanical parts, deformation occurs. If this problem is not solved, it will become a huge obstacle to the application of aluminum alloys.

On the one hand, the deformation of aluminum alloy materials is due to the lack of theoretical basis of our technicians, the lack of some necessary theoretical basis for component manufacturing, and the lack of theory directly leads to the selection of processing parameters is very conservative, thus affecting the performance of high-speed machining centers. Cutting forces also have side effects. According to the analysis of physical theory, in the process of metal material processing, under the action of cutting force, residual stress will be generated on the surface of the part, and this residual stress will cause deformation of the part. In addition, the phenomenon of tool rental also deforms the aluminum alloy material. The phenomenon of tool release mainly means that the workpiece or tool returns to its original position and is separated from each other by a certain distance after the end of the machining stroke.

In the process of manufacturing mechanical parts using aluminum alloy materials, due to the large yield ratio and small elastic modulus of the aluminum alloy, rebound is likely to occur during processing and cutting, resulting in a certain shape error of the machined parts. The knife phenomenon is a frequent occurrence in the manufacture of aluminum alloy members and the influence is very obvious.

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