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What Effect Does CNC Part Rough Machining Have On The Part?

Feb. 16, 2019 | 11:48:29

There are many CNC Processing Manufacturers, and the processing level of cnc is also uneven. Rough cnc machining can have an irreversible effect on the part and eventually become waste.

The root of Die Casting Parts Wholesaler will introduce you to the impact of machining rough parts on cnc parts.

1. Affect the wear resistance: the rougher the surface of CNC products, the smaller the effective contact area between the mating surfaces, the greater the pressure, the greater the frictional resistance and the faster the wear.

2. Influencing the stability of the fit: For the clearance fit, the rougher the surface, the easier it is to wear, so that the gap is gradually increased during the working process; for the interference fit, the microscopic peaks are flattened due to the assembly. The actual effective interference is reduced, which reduces the connection strength.

3. Affecting fatigue strength: There are large troughs on the surface of rough parts. Like sharp corner notches and cracks, they are sensitive to stress concentration and affect the fatigue strength of parts.

4. Affect the corrosion resistance: the surface of the rough part is easy to cause corrosive gas or liquid to penetrate into the inner layer of the metal through the microscopic valley of the surface, causing surface corrosion.

5. Affecting the sealing property: the rough surfaces cannot be closely adhered, and the gas or liquid leaks through the gap between the contact faces.

6. Affect the contact stiffness: Contact stiffness is the ability of the joint surface of the part to resist deformation under external force. The stiffness of the machine is highly dependent on the contact stiffness between the parts.

7. Affect the measurement accuracy: the surface roughness of the measured surface of the part and the measuring surface of the measuring tool will directly affect the accuracy of the measurement, especially in precision measurement.

In addition, the surface roughness has different effects on the plating, thermal conductivity and contact resistance of the part, the reflectivity and radiation performance, the resistance of the liquid and gas flow, and the flow of the conductor surface current. Therefore, CNC Machining Lathe Turned Parts Supplier should pay special attention to this aspect, and do not make similar mistakes in the production process.

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