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CNC Machining Parts Need To Pay Attention To Several Issues

Oct. 18, 2018 | 09:28:48

The CNC Machining Parts are currently favored, so there are still some things to pay attention to in CNC Machining. The following is a small series for everyone to talk about some points of attention about cnc machining.

Cnc machining center maintenance person in charge:

1. The operator is responsible for the use, maintenance and basic maintenance of the equipment;

2. The equipment maintenance personnel are responsible for equipment maintenance and necessary maintenance;

3. The workshop manager is responsible for supervising the maintenance of all operators and equipment throughout the workshop.

The basic requirements for the use of CNC equipment in the cnc machining center:

1. CNC equipment is required to avoid moisture, dust and corrosive gases;

2. Avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation. Precision CNC equipment should be kept away from equipment with high vibration, such as punching and forging equipment.

3. The operating temperature of the equipment should be controlled between 15 and 35 degrees. The precision machining temperature should be controlled at around 20 degrees, and temperature fluctuations should be strictly controlled.

4. In order to avoid the influence of large fluctuations of power supply and possible transient interference signals, CNC equipment usually uses a dedicated power supply line (for example, it is used for CNC machine tools separated from the low-voltage distribution room), and increases the voltage regulator, which can reduce The impact of power quality and electrical interference.

Maintenance of daily machining accuracy of cnc machining center:

1. After the machine is started, it needs to be preheated for about 10 minutes before processing. Machines that are not used for a long time should be warmed up for a longer period of time.

2. Check if the oil passage is unblocked;

3. Place the table and saddle in the center of the machine before stopping (moving the three-axis stroke to the middle of each axis stroke);

4. The machine should be kept dry and clean.

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