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Select Three Elements Of TheTool In Cnc Machining

Oct. 26, 2018 | 10:57:07

As a CNC Machining Parts Wholesaler, I would like to tell you about the choice of tools in cnc machining. The tool chosen here is very important, let's share it with you.

1, cnc tool selection principle: In general, the tool life is closely related to the cutting parameters. Therefore, the choice of tool is very important when setting the cutting parameters. Tool life is usually divided into the highest and lowest, the former is related to the single piece of work time, and the latter is related to the processing cost.

When we consider the life of a tool, we should determine it based on the complexity of the tool and the cost of manufacturing. If you are using a more complex multi-tool machine, you should choose a device that has a high lifetime and reliability.

CNC tool, it is a tool. It requires a higher tool than a normal tool. It requires not only good rigidity, strength and precision, but also a stable size and good durability.

2, cnc turning tool selection: cnc turning tools can usually be divided into three types, types of turning tools, pointed turning tools and arc turning tools. When we make a choice, we should consider the characteristics of cnc machining in a multi-faceted manner, and also consider the tool itself in order to choose the right tool.

3, cnc milling tool selection: The main requirement for cnc milling cutters is that they have sufficient stiffness and can be used very well. Therefore, we should consider these factors in order to choose the right one.

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