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What Are The Advantages Of CNC Machining?

Nov. 14, 2018 | 14:07:24

CNC Machining has a flashing place, cnc machining speed is fast, and the surface quality of the sample is good. After the surface coating, silk screen printing and electroplating process are completed, even the products produced by the mold opening are even more radiant. CNC technology is suitable for a wide range of materials, ABS, POM, PC, PA, metal and other materials can be used to process samples to meet different customer needs. In particular, samples processed with high quality, high density engineering materials have unmatched strength and toughness.

It also has some places to pay attention to. One use of this product: such as research projects, gift customization, souvenirs, etc., only need a dozen sets or hundreds of sets, no need to open the mold for mass production, so With cnc machining, you can save costs and shorten your cycle. If the size of a product structure is special, it is impossible to open the mold, but there is a market. Cnc must be used for small batch processing.

We can also provide you with CNC Turning Service, CNC lathe parts Service, etc. If you want to know the specific information, you can send us a drawing.

CNC Machining