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Contents of Hardware Accessories Suitable for CNC Machining

Aug. 23, 2019 | 15:32:08

As a CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer, let's talk about the contents of hardware accessories suitable for CNC machining.

1. The contents of hardware accessories suitable for CNC machining are generally considered in the following order when selecting:

(1) Content that cannot be processed by general-purpose machine tools should be the preferred content;

(2) The general machine tool is difficult to process, and the content that is difficult to guarantee quality should be selected as the key content;

(3) The general machining efficiency of the general machine tool and the labor intensity of the manual operation of the machine can be selected when the CNC machine tool still has rich processing capability. Such as Precision Aluminum Die Casting.

Precision Aluminum Die Casting

Precision Aluminum Die Casting

2. Hardware accessories that are not suitable for CNC machining

(1) The occupation adjustment time is long. If the first fine reference is processed by the rough reference of the blank, the content coordinated by the special tooling is required;

(2) The processing part is dispersed, and it is necessary to install and set the origin many times. At this time, the use of CNC machining is cumbersome, the effect is not obvious, and the general machine tool can be arranged to process;

(3) Profile profiles machined on specific manufacturing basis (eg, prototypes, etc.). The main reason is that it is difficult to obtain data, and it is easy to contradict the basis of inspection, which increases the difficulty of programming.

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