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Parts Processing Must Be Strict With Dimensional Requirements

Nov. 28, 2018 | 10:41:28

For parts processing, it is mainly the size requirements, such as the diameter of the cylinder, there are strict requirements, the positive and negative errors are qualified parts within the specified requirements, otherwise they are unqualified parts. Positive and negative errors are also specified, such as an in-line cylinder. If the diameter is too large and exceeds the allowable range of error, it will cause the insertion of the cylinder. If the actual diameter is too small, the lower limit of the allowable negative value is exceeded. It will cause the insertion to be too loose, and the problem of instability will occur.

These are all unqualified products, or the length of the cylinder is too long or too short, and the processing of parts exceeds the allowable range of error. They are all unqualified products, which are all to be scrapped or reworked, which will inevitably lead to an increase in cost. Secondly, it is advanced precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment. Advanced processing equipment makes it easier to process precision parts, with higher precision and better effect. Therefore, we can carry out parts processing without sloppy.

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