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The Solution to the Leakage Problem in Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Jul. 03, 2019 | 14:05:17

One of the common problems in aluminum alloy die-casting parts is leaking, so why is this problem? Do you know the solution? Aluminum Casting Parts Factory to talk about the causes and solutions of leakage problems in aluminum alloy die castings.

Reasons for leakage problems in aluminum alloy die-casting parts:

1. Insufficient pressure in production and poor density of matrix structure;

2. There are defects inside the casting, such as pores, slag holes, shrinkage holes, cracks, shrinkage, cold partitions, and patterns;

3. The design of the pouring and exhausting system is unreasonable, resulting in quality problems in the castings;

4. The die-casting punch wears and the shot is unstable.

Precision Aluminum Die Casting

A solution to the leakage problem in Precision Aluminum Die Casting:

1. Increase the specific pressure during production;

2. Take appropriate solutions to internal defects;

3. Improve the gating system and exhaust system;

4. Perform impregnation treatment to make up for defects;

6. Replace the pressure chamber and the punch.

The above is the cause of the leakage of aluminum alloy die-casting parts and the solution, I hope to help you. For more exciting information, please visit our website, https://www.mfmachining.com