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How Many Steps Does The CNC Part Process Flow?

Jan. 11, 2019 | 11:41:32

Nowadays, the technology is developed, and now people's demands for life are constantly improving. Nowadays, High Volume CNC Machining Parts processing is chosen by many companies, because the selection of CNC parts processing can fully reflect the advantages of the machine, and let Consumers' interests are even better, so they will be so popular with consumers. Let's CNC Machining Lathe Turned Parts Supplier understand the CNC parts processing process as follows:

1. Product analysis After product analysis, it is necessary to obtain certain composition information and some detailed processing requirements.

2. Graphics planning Graphic planning should first be based on a detailed analysis of the product, through the analysis of processing requirements to determine the type of graphics, and through the graphics software.

3.Process planning After the analysis of the appearance and processing requirements of the workpiece products in the early stage, from the overall situation of processing to rationally establish each process.

4. Path generation The process of path generation is actually that we complete the process planning through software, and through the parameter setting, we must optimize the tool path.

5. The way to imitate the way in the future, we generally have no intuitive feeling about its role in the machine. Here we can view the possible problems through the way of imitation, thus reducing the scrap rate of practical processing. The general point of view is to put the role of the appearance of the workpiece, whether it is overcut or undercut, and then whether the process planning of the route is reasonable.

6. Pathway output Pathway output is a necessary process for software planning and programming to be completed on the machine tool. After the route output, the center can refer to the two to establish contact. If you have a CNC professional background, you can also understand it as a post-processing of the tool path.

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