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  • Stainless steel casting with CNC machining Pedestal

Stainless steel casting with CNC machining Pedestal

Technological Process:

Casting(Ludox Process/SILICA SOL)-->CNC lathe-->CNC Machining Center(the fourth axis)-->Package

Size: non-standard

Material: SUS304

Investment Casting Services & Capabilities 

Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes,. The mold is formed by using a wax pattern - a disposable piece in the shape of the desired part. The pattern is surrounded, or "invested", into ceramic slurry that hardens into the mold. Investment casting is often referred to as "lost-wax casting" because the wax pattern is melted out of the mold after it has been formed. Lost-wax processes are one-to-one (one pattern creates one part), which increases production time and costs relative to other casting processes. However, since the mold is destroyed during the process, parts with complex geometries and intricate details can be created. Investment casting can make use of most metals, most commonly using aluminum alloys, bronze alloys, magnesium alloys, cast iron, stainless steel, and tool steel. This process is beneficial for casting metals with high melting temperatures that cannot be molded in plaster or metal. Parts that are typically made by investment casting include those with complex geometry such as turbine blades or firearm components. High temperature applications are also common, which includes parts for the automotive, aircraft, and military industries.

MaterialAISI 304
Model TypeStainless steel
ShapeAccoridng to your custom request
FinishSandblasting,Polishing,E-Planting,Powder Coating.
Length6m or according to custom request
Supply ability1000T/Month
DrawingsSTEP or IGS with DXG,DXF
1.) protective film and Composite paper;1, Package:
2.) Plastic paper;
3.) Each 40 feet container can load about 26 tons.