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Our quality management flow
  Our quality management flow
Material inspection - first article inspection (full size) - process inspection (full-size sampling inspection) - final finished products (full size + full inspection of key sizes) - full inspection on appearance
Medium and small volume(Less Than 2000Pcs)
  Medium and small volume(Less Than 2000Pcs)
1、Material inspection: we will implement property inspection, spectrograph inspection or third-party inspection on materials.
2、First article inspection: we will implement full-size inspection on the first finished product, and we can even have the first finished product mailed to corresponding customer for confirmation as required by the customer.
3、Process inspection: we will implement full inspection on crucial sizes and proportion-based sampling inspection on secondary sizes. We have customized large quantities of screw gauges, plain plug gauges and various non-standard gauges to avoid mistakes in the process of production.
4、Final sampling inspection: we will implement large-proportion full-size inspection on products to be packed.
5、Full inspection on appearance: we will implement visual inspection on the appearances of products during their packing to avoid the mixture of such defects as collision damage and burrs into finished products.
Medium and small volume(Less Than 2000Pcs)
  Large volume(More Than 2000Pcs)
The mass production process for large volume is the same with that for medium and small volume, but prior to the mass production, we will prepare special PPAP documents and have them issued to customers for validation. The contents of such documents include process flow diagram (PFD), potential failure mode (DFMEA PFMEA) and control plan.
Large volume(More Than 2000Pcs)
Strict QC   We will send the following reports together with the goods
1、Material report
2、Size inspection report
3、Heat treatment report
4、Report on special requirements (flaw inspection, metallography, spectrum, hardness, etc.)
We will send the following reports together with the goods
Strict QC   Our inspection equipment include
Various gauges (micrometer, caliper, depthometer, etc.), two-dimensional instrument, three coordinates, projector, roughmeter, hardness tester, etc.
We have our gauges submitted to third-party inspection institution for inspection annually to ensure their correctness.