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What Is The Cause Of The Accuracy Of The CNC Machining Center?

Mar. 14, 2019 | 15:27:37

What is the problem with the accuracy of the CNC machining center? OEM CNC Machining Parts Wholesaler gives you answers to some of the questions that often arise in actual machining.

First, the dimensional changes caused by the system are unstable.

Fault reason: the system parameter setting is unreasonable; the working voltage is unstable; the system is subject to external interference, causing the system to lose synchronization; the capacitor is added, but the impedance between the system and the driver does not match, resulting in loss of useful signal; signal between system and driver The transmission is not normal; the system is damaged or internal.

Solution: speed, acceleration time is too large, spindle speed, cutting speed is reasonable, whether the operator's parameter modification leads to system performance change; install voltage regulator equipment; ground wire and determine that the connection is reliable, the driver pulse output contact Add anti-interference absorption capacitor; select the appropriate capacitor model; check whether the signal connection between the system and the driver is shielded, whether the connection is reliable, and check whether the system pulse signal is lost or increased;

2. The workpiece produces a taper size.

The cause of the fault: the level of the machine tool is not adjusted well, one high and one low, the placement is not stable; when turning the long axis, the contribution material is relatively hard, the tool eats the knife deeper, causing the knife phenomenon; the tailstock thimble is not concentric with the main shaft.

Solution: Use the level to adjust the level of the machine, lay a solid foundation, fix the machine to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool force to make the knife; adjust the tailstock.

3. The drive phase lamp is normal, and the size of the machined workpiece is large and small.

The cause of the failure: the long-term high-speed operation of the machine tool carriage causes the lead screw and the bearing to wear out; the repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder is deviated in the long-term use; the carriage can accurately return to the machining starting point every time, but the size of the processed workpiece still changes. This phenomenon is generally caused by the main shaft, and the high-speed rotation of the main shaft causes the bearing to wear seriously, resulting in a change in the machining size.

Solution: Use the dial gauge to lean against the bottom of the tool holder, and edit a fixed cycle program through the system, check the repeat positioning accuracy of the carriage, adjust the screw clearance, replace the bearing; check the repeat positioning accuracy of the tool holder with the dial gauge. Adjust the machine or replace the tool holder; use a dial indicator to check whether the workpiece is accurately returned to the starting point of the program. If possible, repair the spindle and replace the bearing.

4. The workpiece size differs from the actual size by a few millimeters, or a large change in one of the axial directions.

The cause of the fault: the speed of rapid positioning is too fast, the drive and the motor do not react; after long-term friction loss, the mechanical lead screw and the bearing are too tightly stuck; the tool post is too loose after the tool change, the lock is not tight; the editing procedure Error, the head and tail did not respond or did not cancel the tool to complete; the system's electronic gear ratio or step angle setting is wrong.

Solution: If the rapid positioning speed is too fast, the speed will be adjusted appropriately. The cutting acceleration and deceleration and time will make the drive and the motor work normally at the rated operating frequency. After the machine wear occurs, the carriage and the screw crane bearing will be stuck too tightly. , the repair must be re-adjusted; if the tool holder is too loose after the tool change, check whether the tool holder reversal time is satisfied, check whether the worm gear inside the tool holder is worn, whether the gap is too large, whether the installation is too loose, etc.; if it is caused by a program The program must be modified, according to the requirements of the workpiece drawings, select a reasonable processing technology, write the correct program according to the instructions of the manual; if the dimensional deviation is found to be too large, check whether the system parameters are set properly, especially the electronic gear and step Whether the angle and other parameters are destroyed, this phenomenon can be measured by dialing a dial indicator.

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