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Selection Of Positioning Reference In CNC Machining

Mar. 20, 2019 | 11:18:54

Mingfeng, focusing on CNC machining, mainly provides CNC machining of precision parts, precision machining, CNC machining, machining of medical parts, CNC machining of complex parts and design of parts, process scheduling services, etc... In the processing of precision parts, it requires a variety of equipment and many Process matching processing, especially for workpieces with complex structure and strict control of shape and position tolerance, such as unreasonable positioning reference selection and unscientific positioning fixture design, will result in large machining errors, resulting in product scrapping. Focusing on CNC machining, Mingfeng Company, through the practice of processing various complex parts, Aluminium Extrusion Process Manufacturer summarizes the selection and determination of positioning reference in machining, as follows:

1. Position the reference plane as uniform as possible. For example, select A as the positioning reference to process B. When processing C, choose A as much as possible, instead of selecting B, so as to avoid cumulative error.

2. If cross-positioning is encountered, the fixture should be designed for multi-reference positioning, so as to prevent the deviation of the positioning reference, it is also possible to check the condition of the processing quality of the previous process, thereby preventing the processing problem caused by the poor pre-process;

3. If the positioning reference cannot be unified and the fixture or jig cannot be designed for multi-reference positioning, the process personnel should consider the error amplification effect caused by multiple benchmarks, multiple processes, multiple clamping, and the size of the critical process. Perform tolerance shrinkage processing on it. Mingfeng, focusing on CNC machining, is consistent and trustworthy.

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