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CNC Machining Center Service and ordinary CNC machine tools

Oct. 10, 2019 | 18:58:10

  As a CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer, there are some tips to share with you. The basics of CNC processing have the following points:

  1. Metal cutting; thread cutting, contouring, hole machining, boring, milling, turning, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, etc.

  2. Wire electrode cutting machine.

  3. Pressing machine, biting, stamping, metal forming, bending and other machine tools.

  4. Industrial robots.

  5. Verify the measuring machine.

  6. Special material processing machinery; such as stone, glass, mineral emitting materials, etc.

  7. Mechanical laser processing machine, gas cutting machine, welding machine, wire drawing machine, printing machine, etc.

  With the development of electronic technology, computer technology and IT technology, these machine tools, and processing equipment can be controlled by numerical control computer numerical data, which is called numerical control.

CNC Machining Center Service

CNC Machining Center Service

  The biggest difference between CNC Machining Center Service and ordinary CNC machine tools are that the CNC machining center has one more tool magazine and tool changer than the CNC machine tool. The CNC machining center further improves the automation and production efficiency of ordinary CNC machine tools. The most specific difference between the CNC machining center and the general CNC machine tool is that the CNC machining center only needs to be clamped once when machining the workpiece. The CNC system device can control the machine tool to automatically change the tool and automatically mill the workpiece on the machining surface. Drilling, reaming and tapping, etc., are especially suitable for the processing of box parts. The replacement of tools by ordinary CNC machine tools is very cumbersome and requires manual replacement. Therefore, it is often necessary to cooperate with several CNC machine tools in the process of more workpieces.

  CNC machining centers have many advantages, so they are indispensable CNC machine tools in the production of CNC machine tools.

  For example, the current five-axis machining center can replace almost no other numerical control equipment. The five-axis machining center can be used to machine complex space curved parts machining centers, such as propellers and aircraft curved parts. The application field is the most in all high-tech industries. One of the important 1 mechanical devices.

  The CNC machining center has the following advantages over ordinary CNC machines:

  1. Reduce the number of machine tools and facilities management. For a part with many machining processes, only one CNC machining center can complete all machining.

  2. Since the workpiece can complete all the processing steps in one clamping, it can avoid the positioning error caused by the workpiece being clamped in different CNC machine tools. The accuracy of the CNC machining center can be used to ensure the quality of the workpiece.

  3. Because only one CNC machining center is needed to complete the work of several ordinary CNC machine tools, the process is concentrated, and the processing time is reduced to improve the production efficiency.

  Based on the principle of customer first, we insist on creating a cost-effective processing center for each customer. We provide CNC Metal Machining Services. If you need a CNC machining center, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.