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Precautions for Processing Non-standard Parts

Sep. 27, 2019 | 11:53:59

With the development of the machining industry, our process requirements are becoming more and more sophisticated, and we have introduced various precision processing equipment and measuring equipment. CNC Machining Parts Supplier to share with you the precautions for non-standard parts processing.

1. The abrasive grain size for grinding should be from coarse to fine and replaced sequentially. When replacing the abrasive, the grinding marks of the previous process should be completely removed, and the grinding should be carried out until the current grinding marks can be seen. The punching thimble is very important to prevent the phenomenon of "relief".

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

2. The same lap can only use the same size of abrasive. Before changing the particle size, the workpiece must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent coarser abrasive grains or other dirt from being carried to the next process. Caused scratches on the ground surface of CNC Machining Parts.

3. Whenever the next particle size is converted, it should be ground at an angle of 30-45° with the last grinding direction. If there is a deep scar, it is not possible to grind only the local position. Otherwise, the local position will be pitted, and the whole pit should be completely trimmed to remove the pit. Uniform grinding is required for stations that are easy to grind and that are not easy to grind.

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