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Explanation Of Several Important CNC Processing Terms

Mar. 28, 2019 | 15:23:34

What is pulse equivalent, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, FMC, FMS, CIMS in cnc processing? As a CNC Milling Parts Wholesaler, let us explain briefly.

(1) Pulse equivalent: refers to the minimum interval that can be resolved between two adjacent dispersion details. It is an important precision index (pulse equivalence: the distance the coordinate axis moves every time a CNC machine sends a pulse)

(2) Positioning accuracy: the accuracy of the actual position reached by the moving parts such as the index control machine table at the determined end point

(3) Repeated positioning accuracy: refers to the consistency of the continuous results obtained by processing the same code in the same program on the same CNC machine.

(4) FMC: Flexible Manufacturing Cell

(5) FMS: Flexible Manufacturing System

(6) CIMS: Computer Integrated Manufacturing System

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