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How to Choose the Processing Method of the CNC Workpiece Surface?

Jul. 23, 2019 | 15:50:03

CNC Machining Parts Supplier to explain how to choose the processing method of CNC workpiece surface. The processing method of the surface of the CNC workpiece depends first on the technical requirements of the machined surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the parts drawing and may sometimes be higher than the requirements on the part drawing in some respects due to process reasons. If the benchmarks do not coincide, the processing requirements for the surface of some CNC workpieces are increased. Or because of being a fine benchmark, it is possible to impose higher processing requirements on it.

When the technical requirements of the surface of each CNC workpiece are clarified, the final processing method that can ensure the requirement can be selected accordingly, and the processing method requiring several steps and steps can be determined. The selected CNC processing part processing method should meet the requirements of part quality, good processing economy and high production efficiency. To this end, the following factors should be considered when choosing a processing method:

1. Any kind of CNC processing method can obtain a considerable range of processing accuracy and surface roughness, but only in a narrow range is economical, the processing precision of this range is economic processing precision. For this reason, when selecting a processing method, the corresponding processing method that can obtain economic processing precision should be selected.

2. Consider the nature of the CNC workpiece material.

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3. Consider the structural shape and size of the Precision Metal Stamping Parts.

4. Consider productivity and economic requirements. When mass production is large, high-efficiency and advanced processes should be adopted. It is even possible to fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank, which can reduce the labor of machining.

5. Consider the existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory or workshop. When selecting the processing method, make full use of the existing equipment, tap the potential of the enterprise, and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers. However, consideration should also be given to continually improving existing processing methods and equipment, adopting new technologies and improving process levels.