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Advanced Treatment of CNC Machined Surface of the Aluminum Alloy Casing

Apr. 19, 2019 | 00:00:00

With the development of industrial production and science and technology, people have put forward various new requirements on the surface properties and appearance of CNC machining of aluminum alloy casings. For example, when aluminum alloy casings are processed by CNC in large areas, people are more and more annoying. The electroplated luster turns to a haze-like hue and satin-like tones. Thus electroplated alloys have been developed. Here, Aluminum Casting Parts Factory provides a brief introduction to several decorative plating alloys that are used in product finishes.

1. Aluminum alloy casing CNC machining electroplating tin - cobalt alloy

The tin-cobalt alloy plating is similar to the color of the electroplated cobalt, but it is softer and more popular. At present, most foreign countries are used to replace chromium. Electroplated cobalt is not easy to be plated, while electroplated tin-cobalt alloy is suitable for barrel plating of small parts. In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has excellent throwing power and barrel plating capability, making it suitable for workpieces with complex shapes. If the double-layer nickel is electroplated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is no less than that of electroplating. In order to prevent surface discoloration, it is treated by impregnating chromate, which also improves its corrosion resistance.

Its appearance is a light rose, making it feel comfortable and has excellent corrosion resistance. For a glossy substrate or a bright nickel plating layer, a tin-nickel alloy plating is applied to obtain a good glossy surface. If the surface of the matte surface (pear) is plated, the original condition of the surface can be reproduced. The plating layer has excellent throwing power and almost no leveling action, so it is suitable for electroplating requiring extremely fine lines and rotating products.

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2. Aluminum alloy CNC machining copper plating - tin alloy

The low tin bronze coating of the aluminum alloy shell is pink or golden yellow with fine crystals. It has high corrosion resistance and good throwing light performance. It is often used as a protective-decorative nickel underlayer. In light industry, handicraft industry, mechanical instrument industry, and other industries.

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