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What is the Difference Between Roughing and Finishing in CNC Machining?

Jun. 02, 2019 | 00:00:00

CNC Turning Service Supplier to explain the difference between roughing and finishing in CNC machining. This is a term used in CNC machining. CNC machining is generally divided into roughing, machining, and finishing. It is the last processing in place to control the precision size. Nor does it mean that CNC-machined finishing tools are larger than roughing tools. The tool of the finishing car is a standard knife. The workpiece is processed without any rough surface and no place in place. The tolerance size can be guaranteed. The rough knives processed by CNC are not the same, the degree of wear of the workpiece is different, and the machining accuracy is different.

The surface quality and machining accuracy of CNC machined parts are closely related. Imagine that the surface of a part is very rough, and its dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy may be high?

In the process of using CNC machining, the direct contact with the surface of the part is the surface of the part. Even the key to the use of many parts is the surface quality (such as the sliding bearing and the contact surface of the shaft).

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The surface quality of CNC machined parts is often the requirement of the parts. For example, many parts require high surface hardness, such as molded parts of the mold, and the surface quality is to meet the functional requirements of the parts.

When roughing, consideration should be given to leaving a reasonable enough margin for finishing;

When finishing, the correct datum plane positioning should be selected, and the reasonable processing sequence, tool material, and cutting parameters should be selected to ensure the final quality of the product.

The surface quality of CNC machined parts affects the use of parts, and defective parts on the surface affect the performance of the parts. For example, a part has a tiny crack on its surface, and after use, the crack is likely to expand and eventually cause the part to break.

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