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How is the Processing Fee for CNC Processing Calculated?

May. 02, 2019 | 00:00:00

Everyone who does CNC machining knows that different CNC processing manufacturers will have a certain price difference for the same CNC processing products. Why is this? Let Forged Machining Parts Factory tell you about the approximate processing cost of CNC processing.

1. The processing fee for CNC processing is estimated by experience. If you want to complete a CNC product, it can be completed in a small amount of time. This is based on the hourly and working hour price. It is the approximate processing cost. It is difficult to have fine CNC processing fee calculation standard, so the quotation will be different in different manufacturers;

Customized Machining Service

2. The processing fee of CNC processing is calculated according to its own strength equipment. Some CNC manufacturers have relatively strong professional technicians and CNC processing equipment. If you can accurately make the CNC program, there will be a processing completion time reference. Tool layout is absolutely reasonable, there are no more empty knives, if more complicated things, this kind of person can help you save a lot of working hours! Such a quote has an advantage!

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